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  1. gpuhash_me WPA keys giveaway

  2. gpuhash_me WPA keys giveaway

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    Any body could help on this handshake

  4. gpuhash_me WPA keys giveaway

    İNANIRS:60858893 buhari:didemeda
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    106k very hard md5

    +92 found
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    11x PMKID 22000

    Good job This is why we stopped posting new algos here on HK
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    Post Your GPU Benchmarks for WPA

    2 x RTX3080 350W each (not benchmark but real -m 16800 mask attack) Speed.#1.........: 930.2 kH/s (297.76ms) @ Accel:32 Loops:512 Thr:1024 Vec:1 Speed.#2.........: 931.6 kH/s (296.52ms) @ Accel:32 Loops:512 Thr:1024 Vec:1 Speed.#*.........: 1861.8 kH/s
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    1x TPLINK

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    1x CAP

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    How to crack hashes with unknown salt

    Convert your wordlist to md5($pass) then try Dawbs -a6 approach
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    cobanoración with masks and dic in Spanish

    GlobalWifi_ Scodich:091074352
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    Unpublished WPA key algorithms

    Attached netmaster algo, it is easy and known for years
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    3 x 22000

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    x63 PMKID

    93e4aed49da393ba7a05bac5a419a04745438f7fbf4d459a7342956bb4197b14*4e65744d415354455220557964756e65742d36433343:a7dc6d25 41699762a608593bc883b1864b74b9b26e84689e50ee863bd50301896787f782*4b61626c6f6e6574204e65746d61737465722d303032432d41:a6f985ac...