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    28 MD5 Email Hashes

    quick run
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    Issue with Rules + PMKID

    Hi It looks like Hashcat V5 and 5.10 will not crack any PMKID if you combine with rules? Can someone confirm this for me? So I have a wordlist with the word "babar" and rules that contain "$1$2$3" and it wont crack it.. If I remove the rules and add the password "babar123" in the workdlist it...
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    MyFitnessPal - who has access to the dump?

    Hi Team Doing some work for a friend and I have the email address but need to find the associated HASH of his password in the MyFitnessPal dump which I'm unable to find/download. I went over to WeleakInfo, paid for 1 day service and his email comes up but they don't list any passwords or even...
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    Hex Conversion Question

    Hi Team I've been getting allot of these HEX converted passwords so out of interest I converted a few of them back to PLAIN and most are just super special crazy characters but these ones below are just your normal ones, why are they being converted to HEX...
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    500k hash

    whats the hash mode for this one? I've tried joomla, wordpress, md5, phpbb3, phppass, etc