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  1. orangepallet

    Someone got some spare time?

    I have a few questions about pmkid and hashcat. Please and thank you.
  2. orangepallet


    Handshake please
  3. orangepallet

    Reaver questions? Can anyone help?

    Anyone use reaver, and have some spare time to answer a few questions?
  4. orangepallet

    [SOLVED] Someone wanna hook it up, please?

    With cherries on top, and a slice of orange? I seriously cannot find a way to crack these two. I had 5 total that I was testing, these are the two that none of my attacks have worked. Mostly dict attacks tried. bf5da322924b3d46df0a5caee8c4ff27*20760060a9f5*acbc3260d86a*44696c6c7944696c6c79...