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  1. gpuhash_me WPA keys giveaway

    We start this permanent thread again to continue the old HK tradition of free WPA passwords giveaway for HK forum users. If your WPA task was successful (password found) and both of your task and you HK user account older than 3 months you can post your task id in this thread and get...
  2. gpuhash_me

    Paid section leftlist proposal

    Proposal: for any hashlist over 25 hashes posting current leftlist with every found is mandatory. Founds posted without corresponding leftlist considered invalid.
  3. gpuhash_me

    WPA2 Crack Help Request.

  4. gpuhash_me

    Danger of online WPA PMK verifier

    Recently we disabled 'WPA verify by PMK' functionality after several troll actions like this one: (one can easily find more similar threads). Now after this tread...
  5. gpuhash_me

    Two WPA2 handshakes

  6. gpuhash_me

    List manager 2611 upload issue

    I tried to upload type 2611 founds and found this error: There were 8157 errors as shown below in your upload. The RegEx use for the algorithm is: ^([0-9a-fA-F]{32})(:)(.{1,9})(:?)(.*)$ You can test via Mismatch Line 1: 0012db76e5d110b7faf226bb94ecdcd9:%0t:RubberDuck85...
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    Help Crack 1 capture Handshake

    Have you already tried it here?
  8. gpuhash_me

    3 PMKIDS please help- i rep you :)

  9. gpuhash_me

    help crack wpa failed by

  10. gpuhash_me

    A deep learning approach in hash cracking (real world PassGAN tests)

    Lets try neural-style hash cracking in the real world. I started with modified PassGAN implementation (but imo any good RNN will be OK too) Initial training dataset: medium-sized wordlist of top occurrence 30M passwords (limited length 1-12 chars only) Input vector width: 12 Hidden layers: 5...
  11. gpuhash_me

    4 Spanish handshakes for Breaking.

  12. gpuhash_me scam accusations and fake WPA uploads

    Dear forum members, Few days ago we found that someone uploads fake (crafted) handshakes to following posts in WPA Packet Cracking subforum. This guy changes MIC field of original handshake with crafted one which corresponds to easy dictionary password. Sometimes it took him less...
  13. gpuhash_me

    Unpublished WPA key algorithms

    We starting this thread to bring to public domain some exclusive unpublished default WPA key algorithms that we use in our every day work. Unpublished means you can't find it anywhere on the Web so (we hope) Hashkiller forum now will be its origin. Lets start with TTNET_ZyXEL_XXXX default WPA...
  14. gpuhash_me

    Need SKY Q Hub handshakes for testing - will crack for free

    As mentioned in the subject we need few SKY Q Hub handshakes. Please post here your capture (full PCAP with probe request frames) and we will try to crack it for free (first 3 captures only).
  15. gpuhash_me

    hashcat multi-handshake hccapx issues - need testers

    We found that hashcat 3.40 sometimes skip passwords in multi-handshake hccapx v.4 files: (this issue was first mentioned here: Atom has made few commits and now latest beta...
  16. gpuhash_me

    CloudFlare security bug discovered

    Between 2016-09-22 - 2017-02-18 passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters. Data was cached by search engines, and may have been collected by random adversaries over the past few months. The greatest period of impact was from...
  17. gpuhash_me

    127.17KB --MD5

    Recovered: 2471, left: 1359
  18. gpuhash_me

    Free online WPA password verification service from

    We offer free online WPA verifier at (just go to 'Verify WPA' tab). All you need is .hccap file with handshake and corresponding password. If you password is OK you will get permanent link to result page, we store result for 7 days. Please note you have to check MIC field of...