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Hey man, You seem like an expert in MyAltice routers. If you can help me crack my handshake by checking out my post in the WPA cracking forum I would very much appreciate it. Good day sir.

Guide to creating left & found lists​

Hummmmm..... i dont do privit requests ... i see it is posted on the form ill add it to my cue
Ok thank you.
I have another question: can u suggest me a forum or a site where i can download known routers default passwords?
there is no magic list that has that ... and this is not a place for quires and answers this is my profile page ....
Hi bro, Im Ryan from Malaysia. Need your help to crack this WPA.
My computer not power enough to crack this WPA. I already tried at using brute force 9 digits, also unable to get the results.
Hey sorry to bother you, but I've seen you helping others on this forum so i wanted to reach out, would be able to help me with my problem sir?
hey dude, you were able to crack that hash that i can use to get into my wallet?
sorry disregard this i am new and didnt see you post to admin. hopefully we good. thanks bro