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Dec 30, 2019
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Recently I decided to get around to testing all my Hashcat rules. I collected them all into one file of 2,197,778 rules (23.2mb). Then I compiled a test set of MD5 hashes from different databases, trying to spread them out across the world as evenly as possible. I wound up with a batch of MD5's of about 65,000,000.

After removing all founds without any rules (: rule) I was left with about 16,000,000 hashes. I used 22GBs of wordlists, including rockyou, HK, Hashes.org, pretty much everything I have that's decent. Then I set about testing my large batch of rules.

Given the large amount of rules, each run of about 4 million hashes takes 2-4 days for me. After my first run, I tracked and logged the rules which cracked each hash. That log can be found here:
The first column is the amount of times any given rule cracked a hash. I intentionally left out the : rule because it BY FAR cracked the most hashes, which was expected. All the rules, in order of cracks ready to be used can be found here:
The rules which did not crack any hashes were intentionally left out.
You may want to remove the email domains, but I left them for the sake of accuracy. All of the hash sets are passwords.

I have not tested any of my rules against known lists of top rules, I just decided to post them here and share. If anyone does test them, post your results here and I will rep you. Since they are in order you just need to copy the top 64 and compare them to best64, top5000, onerule etc.

I am now on my second set of hashes and will update this thread if there is any interest.

Some of these rules are new, that I wrote, but most are already known. Thanks to those who wrote them.


Sep 1, 2020
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Thanks a ton, this has become my go-to list of rules. If you need help testing feel free to hit me up, solid work on this list.